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Under Chinese education law and regulations, it is required for foreign student who are under the age of 18 to have legal guardian while they are studying in high school in China. International student under age 18 won’t need local guardian if their parents relocate to China, they can come to China with dependent visa. International student who live in China with student visa can not act as local guardian.

Different cities have their own requirements for local guardian. In some cities, local guardian is not required for students above age 16 or 17. There are two guardianship documents that are required by many cities. 1) Parent needs to get “the trust deed offered by the parents to the guardian” notarized and brings the notarized copy to get stamped at Chinese embassy. In some countries, “the trust deed offered by the parents to the guardian” is required to get stamped at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs first, before bringing it to the Chinese embassy. A copy of applicant’s birth certificate may also require to be stamped at Chinese embassy. 2) Local guardian needs to get the notarized copy of “the letter of guarantee offered by the guardian” in China.

The biggest concern for high school application is time consuming. You have to choose the right high school for your children and resolve the local guardian concern.

Our Consulting Fees

We recover our operational costs by charging consultant fees for our services. Unlike our university admission consulting service, we charge USD 50 per hour for our high school admission consulting service. Many people want us to explain the pre-application stage, and guardianship process for both the parent and local guardian. For students who don’t have local guardian in China, they will need assistance to look for local guardian in China. We could try to ask the high school to assign the school teacher to act as local guardian. However, not every high school is willing to arrange.

Our service fee can be settled by PayPal only. We will start processing your application after we confirm your payment. Please note that it may take some time to confirm payment, our consulting service will not begin right away. If you would like to use our consulting service or find out more, please contact us at:

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